Street dance / Break dance

We have a dedicated team of staff who are trained professionals, able to teach a wide variety of the many exciting Street dance styles in South East London. All of classes are tailored to suit the individuals in the class. We aim to teach a mix of different styles and techniques, based around class abilities and ages, keeping the lessons as interesting as we can, without making things to difficult. Each individuals experience is important to us!

Children of ALL abilities are welcome to attend our classes.

Some of our classes are Street and Break dance, when Break dance is taught a lot of the moves are learned on the floor. Moves are broken down to the most basic level so that children are able to grasp the essential basics and strengthen their bodies to hold their weight in the ways needed. Children are taught in a safe environment by professionals in the field.

We keep the music uplifting and fun, but always suited to the age of the class. Dance is an extremely physical activity, and can be counted as a weekly fitness activity for your child.
To name a few attributes Street dance can help with: Fitness, coordination, stamina, musicality, confidence, self esteem, discipline, learning dance foundations, having lots of fun and making new friends in South East London!!

Pre-school class:

Mini Moves:

2.5-4 yrs

This is an action packed dance class exploring different dance styles to popular music and funky nursery rhymes. Dance for boys and girls is great exercise, good for developing coordination, rhythm, balance and most importantly lots of FUN!  This class is uniquely targeted at preschoolers, you won’t find another class like this!

3-5 / 4-7 years:

We teach a new routine each half term incorporating a new style of street dance. Introducing the foundations of Street dance, but keeping the class fresh and exciting and enjoyable for our young pupils. We aim to increase confidence and self esteem and really work on bringing the feel good factor into dance. Pupils in this age group can be entered into Rosette street dance exams. (Street dance exams optional)

6-9 / 8-12 years:

We teach a new routine each half term, but now we introduce more technical dance styles and techniques.  Our aims remain the same, enjoyment, confidence and self esteem building, but  now the choreography becomes a bit more of a challenge in class.
Pupils in this age group can be entered into IDTA Star dance Medals street dance exams, selected pupils could be entered for a Bronze medal award. (Street dance exams optional)

12-16 years:

We teach new routines each half term, working on performance and preciseness of moves now. Training techniques are drilled and routines cleaned with more precision. Now having learnt more complex dance routines, alongside working on performance skills, we aim to have good, strong all round Street dancers, who are comfortably confident performers. Beginners are also catered for, some of our classes will have lots of new dancers who need extra tuition during classes, so please do not be deterred, its never to late to learn!
Pupils in this age group would be entered for IDTA One dance medal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold bars 1, 2, 3.

*Please see our timetable page for up to date class listings*

Street dance crews:

(GDND Jr’s, GDND Sr’s and GDND Company Street dance crews).

we have three different award winning crews within the GDND family, of which, all take part in competitions, regular performances and shows representing themselves and GDND Academy.

Crew rehearsals take place 2 – 3 times a week, and are trained my several highly skilled Street dance teachers.
Pupils who wish to take dance more seriously, and have shown in class to have exceeding talents/abilities may be invited to join. New pupils who do not attend our classes can also audition to be in one of our crews. Crew rehearsals are by invitation or audition.

if you are interested in joining one of our crews, contact us today to find out about our next audition sessions.